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Stage Moment t-shirts

                                 Stage Moments t-shirts

This blog article features t-shirts from a range of rock, blues and punk artists that has images of musicians on stage. Some t-shirts are memorable times or famous stage stunts by these artists.  For anyone who is a photography fan or loves classic rock music you'll enjoy hearing about these stage moments in classic rock history. 

Jim Morrison Floored t-shirt: This shirt features a famous stage moment for The Doors. Jim Morrison often put on a show that put the whole crowd in shock.  "If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is: infinite." This was where the The Doors got their name. Jim in this picture falls to floor after being too intoxicated. Jim Morrison was about to go live in New Haven when his arrest happened. A police officer didn't recognize Jim as the singer of The Doors so he tried to kick Jim out of his own concert and arrest him for being back stage with a female. He ended up getting maced this night. Later 13 others were arrested for rioting because their favorite rock star was taken off stage at his own show. 

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