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Why Real Fanboys and Fangirls Choose Vintage Inspired Tees

Look in your closet - it’s a safe bet there’s probably at least one band tee lurking in there.

Band tees are a staple of almost everyone’s wardrobe.

You’ll find that they’re very personal purchases, often treasured until they’re tattered.

When you slip on your favorite tee, it just feels right. It makes you comfortable and confident and speaks volumes about your life.

Affordable reprints of vintage tees are taking the fashion world by storm these days.

Celebrities have been spotted mixing them with high fashion brand name clothing, and sales of graphic shirts are skyrocketing.

They’ve got a long history, too, and have been around for longer than you would imagine.
Bobby-soxers in the 40s were among the first to begin writing brand names on their jackets and sweaters.

From there, savvy bands, like The Beatles, jumped on this new trend and responded to fan’s needs.
The band tee became a staple of merch tables at concerts and has remained that way to this day.

While bands have moved beyond the simple tee shirt, some of their merchandise is utterly ridiculous.

Sure, there’s your standards stickers and posters, but BBQ sauce? Gummy skulls with USB drives in them? Records made with actual blood!?

You can’t beat a classic vintage tee - and with good reason.

Let’s do a deep dive into the how and why you need to rock this essential piece of fashion.

Friends In Fandom

Wearing a vintage tee is a great way to show the world what you’re into - and attracts like-minded people to you too!

Fandom is a complex, ever-growing animal.

Devotion to a band was once dismissed as just a phase teen girls went through, but through the years has grown in legitimacy.

Friendships are now forged on message boards and with mix tapes.

Barrels of ink and terabytes of data have been used to write about people’s favorite bands.

Take your passion out in the open by wearing a vintage tee and you’re sure to meet like-minded people.

What a great way to make friends and meet new people - and you’ve got it right in your closet!

How Guys Can Rock Vintage Tees

Dudes are kind of stuck with jeans and tee shirts, and while that’s a classic look, there are ways to mix it up.

We’re not talking full-on David Lee Roth with rhinestone neon leggings (although if you’ve got a Van Halen shirt to go with those, rock on!).

You can come up with different styles just by varying your vintage tee size.

Baggy styles are popular with guys in their 20s who want to look street-style cool with minimum effort. Pair an oversized vintage tee with skinny jeans and don’t be afraid to layer this look.

A true fit tee is probably the best and most versatile choice for most guys. Throw on your favorite jeans and your tee shirt and you’ve got a great everyday look, but you don’t be afraid to dress it up.

Pairing a vintage tee with slacks and a blazer plays with high-low concepts of fashion and brings a sense of edginess to a buttoned-up style.

For those that are at the gym without fail day in, day out, go with a smaller than usual tee to show off your hard work. Roll up the sleeves a bit to give everyone a front row seat to the gun show!

Ladies’ Looks With Vintage Tees

Vintage tees are an extremely flexible addition to any woman’s wardrobe.

They can be dressed up or down and go with practically anything.

For an ultra-casual day, borrow your boyfriend’s tee and throw on some leggings.

Is there anything comfier - or cuter?

If you’re going with the jeans and tee shirt look, play around with your accessories.

Rock a Guns N Roses tank top with cut off shorts, then add some strappy heels for an unexpected pairing. The 70s are back in a big way in the fashion world.

If you were wondering what to pair with the flares you see in the stores, go with vintage tees.

Just like in guys’ fashion, tees can dress up or down any occasion.

For daytime, tuck a vintage tee into a sweet circle skirt for an outfit that’s sure to turn heads during Sunday afternoon errands.

Going to a party? Sparkles and tee shirts are the perfect duo.

Add a vintage tee to a showy skirt, strap on glittery heels and throw a leather jacket over the whole deal for an edgy yet glamorous look.

Transform The Humble Tee Shirt

A tee on its own is a beautiful thing, but there are lots of fun tutorials that show you how to customize them and create your own style.

Consider taking a Wu-Tang tee and adding a feminine touch of lace to it. Keep it real and be a dainty princess all at the same time.

Want to rep your favorite metal band while you pump iron? Turn your vintage tee into a tank top.

Tees can go beyond your closet, too.

Be eco-conscious and badass by turning your shirt into a reusable grocery bag.

At night when The Sandman comes, grip a pillow made out of a vintage tee tight.

Don’t keep tees in the closet - bust them out for every occasion.

Why Vintage-Inspired Tees Are The Way To Go

With all the great acts that have come and gone, vintage tees are a hot commodity - and almost prohibitively expensive.

Authentic tees go for hundreds of dollars online, and do you really feel comfortable wearing them every day like you would a reprint?

While we would all love to have the real thing from back in the day, that’s not always possible.

You’ve been a true fan since the beginning but that doesn’t mean you have every piece of merch a band’s ever made.

Your best option is purchasing a vintage-inspired tee from Old School Tees.

They’ve got all your favorite bands, golden oldies from the heyday of graphic tees, and tees inspired by pop culture.

Check them out, and tell us which vintage tee holds a special place in your closet!

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