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The Top 10 Rock Stars Who Were Also Fashion Icons

Fashion comes in many forms, but fashion mixed with rock and roll is especially interesting.

While much of what's "popular" is decided by haute couture designers and famous celebrities, there have been many icon musicians that were also fabulous fashionistas.

From Jimi Hendrix to David Bowie, we put together a list of ten of the best rock star fashion icons throughout modern history.

Get inspired by these ultimate fashion icons who also happened to be musicians!

Top Ten Rock Star Fashion Icons

These rock star fashion icons are still memorable and inspiring to this day.


The late beloved Prince wasn't just known for his sex appeal, redefining of masculinity, and expert guitar and singing skills. He's also known for being an incredible fashion icon.

The seventies were all about shirtless, masculine, buff male singers. Prince took this and flipped it upside down, making masculinity something that could be a little feminine, a bit androgynous, a lot of sexy.

From flashy sequins to bright fabrics to super tight pants to lace and blouses, Prince wasn't afraid to break boundaries.

David Bowie

Arguably the most iconic musician on this list for his looks, David Bowie manipulated aesthetics within his career often.

Bowie used his appearance as just another addition of his persona, along with music and performance. His look was so connected to everything he was-- something alien, gender-bending, dangerous, unusual, and beautiful.

Bowie is known for his avant-garde makeup, big red mullet, suspenders, platforms, and haute couture shapes within his fashion brand.

Even though he is gone, he is truly missed-- and his style along with his music will be remembered for ages to come.

Jimi Hendrix

We probably wouldn't have the modern popular silk blouse if it wasn't for psychedelic rock star fashion icon Jimi Hendrix.

From bell bottoms to interesting jumpsuits to embroidered vest, Jimi Hendrix made his mark on the fashion world with his unique brand of fashion. Though, realistically, he will be even more well known and legendary for being one of the greatest guitar players to have ever lived.

Like Prince, Hendrix was a fan of purple, as well as a generous amount of jewelry and headbands.

Debbie Harry

Blondie's frontwoman was known for her blonde locks, "screw you" attitude, and ability to make femininity something other than conventionally attractive.

Debbie Harry wasn't afraid to mix typically masculine things like leather pants or t-shirts with typically feminine items.

Debbie Harry was one of punk's biggest stars to make punk fashionable in her own way.


Known as "The Goddess of Pop", Cher is also the queen of elaborate stage costumes that kept us guessing each time-- a pre-Lady Gaga of her own time.

In her hippie days in Sonny & Cher, Cher was known for her long luscious hair, pinstripe pants, fringed vests, and headbands.

Post-Sonny & Cher, she branched out into more elaborate fashion, creating costumes with larger than life headpieces, sheer sequined bodysuits, thigh high boots, and humungous hair.

Cher has become slightly more modest in recent years, but at 70 years old, she's still got that fashionable eye.

Grace Jones

At 5 foot 9 inches, Grace Jones truly is larger than life. Her fashion legacy, too, is larger than life.
Starting out as a model, Grace Jones wasn't afraid to break conventional molds of what a "beautiful" woman should be. She was unapologetically dark-skinned in a time where black women were rarely seen as beautiful enough to strut the catwalk.

Moreso, she dressed her body in incredibly creative, outside the box ways, known for her groundbreaking rigid pantsuits, big hats, and hooded outfits.

Let's not forget the musical aspect of Miss Jones. She made albums across many genres including new wave, disco, electronica, funk, reggae, and dub.

One of the coolest things about Grace Jones is her attitude- she doesn't take herself way too seriously, and she wasn't afraid to present herself androgynously.


You can't have a list of rock star fashion queens and kings without including the Queen of Pop Madonna.

Madonna was (and still is) one of those legendary pop musicians with instantly recognizable looks.

She's so connected with music and fashion that many modern big artists cite her as a major influence.

From club kid looks to thrift store outfits to her big hair and that cone bra, Madonna wasn't afraid to be as outlandish as possible while still maintaining a dangerous sort of sexiness.

She became more sophisticated as her career went on, opting for corsets and bodysuits and Victorian-bohemian looks.

The Sex Pistols

Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten were unintentional fashion icons, without a doubt.

The Sex Pistols are quintessential punk-- and when the average person thinks of what "punk" looks like, they often go right to the band's signature tight pants, leather jackets, torn shirts, and big spiky hair.

The Sex Pistols truly defined the "look" of punk for many decades, inspiring young punks and the punk music world for years to come.

James Brown

Funk doesn't get enough credit for the fashion trends it popularized in its prime. James Brown, of course, being at the top of the genre's fashion pyramid.

James Brown had his iconic look-- the well-tailored three piece suit. But as fashion started to move away from this rigid traditional male performer look, James Brown changed his style along with it.

Brown was brave in his fashion choices, which often included low-cut jumpsuits, sparkling jewel-covered coats, bright scarves, and velvet capes.

Brown's looks added an element of drama that complimented his beautiful voice.

Freddie Mercury

Most people will see a photo of one of Queen's Freddie Mercury's looks and immediately recognize the wearer. His outfits are incredibly iconic-- making the legendary man worthy of this list.

That thick mustache, those full white sleeveless suit, that yellow military jacket. There are so many looks of Mercury's that were fantastic.

He wasn't afraid to get strange, either. When performing in Queen, Mercury often worth capes, glittering body suits, and anything that could show off that chest. A bit bizarre for the time, but legendary nonetheless.

Think we missed some mega rock star fashion icons? Let us know!

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