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Great Deals T-Shirts Metallica, The Dead and the Lips of Patricia Quinn

 This blog is basically a reflection on some our past shirts that we have put on sale. These shirts have all been shirts of the day. For anyone who doesn't know about our shirt of the day deals here is some information. We always offer a shirt of the day on our home page at OldSchoolTees.com. The shirts are always great prices and usually on sale for a couple of days.

1. Metallica - Master of Puppets 6/29/16 This shirt has Metallica's Master of Puppets logo/cd cover on it. This album came out in 1986. This was the last cd that Cliff Burton played bass on before he died in a tour bus crash after winning a card game (getting Ace of Spades) to get the better bunk on the tour bus. He took Kirt Hammets bunk because it was the best bunk on the tour bus. That night he died in the crash. The rest of the members lived. Here is our pick of the day today...$14.00

2. Grateful Dead -Dancing Bear (Tye Dye) 6/24/16
The Grateful Dead came up with the idea for this bear and made it a reality in 1990 when a stuffed bear was made. The five bears dancing logo came out with the album "History of the Grateful Dead Volume One (Bears Choice)." This shirt is a great concert or vacation shirt!
3. Rocky Horror - Lips 6/22/16 These lips appear at the beginning of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. These are the lips of Patricia Quinn.

4.  Jimi Hendrix - Blue 6/17/16 This blue Jimi Hendrix Shirt has 1968 Live USA tour on it. This shirt was picked because of our staff love for Jimi.
5. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Gray 6/15/16 RHCP - This band started in the 80's and still are going strong. They are know for their funk/rock sound. Here are some interesting facts you never knew about this band...RHCP facts you never knew

If you see a shirt you think should be our shirt of the day please send us a message and we will put it up! Make sure to check out sales every day for new shirts that are on sale for great prices! You can get our daily notice for shirt of the day by liking us on https://www.facebook.com/OldSchoolTees/

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