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Our Environmentally Friendly Eco Tees

At Old School Tees we like to help the environment by providing our costumers with environmental tips with each tee. On TeeHuggers t-shirt they not only bring awareness to environmental issues, plant trees for each shirt bought but each tee also provides tips on things we can do to help the environment. Each eco t-shirt comes with eco tips printed on the inside of them.

These fun t-shirts not only look great they are comfortable they also help the earth by planting trees through American Forests conservation organization. Great for any family member or the whole family. Eco Tees
Check out the inside of the t-shirt tips to helps the environment.
About the American Forests Conservation Organization: This is an organization that plants trees in places that have had serious fires and provides trees to help endangered species have homes. Some of their projects have included reforestation for endangered animals and insects in Michigan and Mexico. They have planted jack pines in Michigan and ponderosa pines in Colorado after a massive fire in 2002 on the Chessman reservoir. American Forests has planted more then 45 million trees since 1990 and helped provide better drinking water by restoring watersheds.American Forests

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