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T.Rex Glam Rock Pioneers - T.Rex t-shirts make a statement.

T. Rex and Marc Bolan were in the forefront of the Glam Rock movement of the 70's. Glam rock peaked during the mid-1970s with artists that included T. Rex, David Bowie, and Roxy Music in the UK, and the New York Dolls and Lou Reed in the US.  T.Rex's infectious blend of roots rock and funk were the era's biggest pop phenomena.

In March of 1972, Ringo Star filmed T.Rex at Wembly Arena (originally the Empire Pool) located right next to Wembly Stadium in London. Ringo was so taken by "T. Rexstasy" that he produced a documentary on Bolan and band, called Born to Boogie.

Watch the video below for some great music and take note of all the teen frenzy that surrounded the band.

T. Rex vastly influenced rock with their sexy, funky, thumping sound. Their influence extended to the punk and pop rock genres. Johnny Marr of the Smiths stated, "The influence of T. Rex is very profound on certain songs of the Smiths, like "Panic".  Morrissey was also said to be "mad" about Bolan.

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