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Top Retro Brand T-shirts

Retro is making a comeback with a bang! Retro style is inspired by previous trends, modes, fashions, or attitudes of a recent era in excess of 15 or 20 years. This includes clothing from the 1990’s and before. The word “retro” itself derives from a Latin prefix meaning “backwards,” so these styles look back, while also giving a new spin to incorporate updated fabrics or printing. 

Rock some retro by styling these suggested tees just right, or pick your own favorite vintage-inspired shirt from our large selection.  We have retro gamer shirts like Atari, or classic brands like Coca-Cola, or old school product shirts like Nestle Quik.

These very cool tees have already stood the test of time! Guys can wear any of our retro brands shirts (like our Ford Mustang tee) with a dress jacket and be cool anywhere. Girls can rock one of our styling vintage tee shirts (like the Junk Food MTV henley) with a cute skirt and 80's style boots. Go with the theme and accessorize! Other vintage and retro elements, either inspired or real, can complete the perfect throwback outfit. Chuck Taylors are the main retro shoe for guys or girls -- they have been around since 1917! High tops or low, whatever your style, they work great with denim of any kind. 

Ladies, get those sexy skinny jeans on, and top it with our Real Thing Coke shirt for a cute spring look. Then grab some retro sunglasses, bags, and jewelry. Don’t be basic, be unique! 

Check out our board games tees like Monopoly and Candyland. Remember the game Operation? We have it! With free shipping on orders over $30 you can stock up and be ready to chill or party with our retro tees. Put your look together with OldSchoolTees.com.


Unknown said...

Classic pic right here

Annie Peters said...

Take my money, please! I must have the Atari shirt!!! I still remember the day my Dad brought our 2600 home. I can't even count the number of hours of my life spent playing Dig Dug. So much fun! Your tees look really soft like those vintage 70's shirt, too. Can't wait to get mine!