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Officially Licensed T-shirts, Unlicensed T-shirts, and Counterfeit Tees

It is all about the honoring artist's creation. You can find many variations of music, TV, sports and movie t-shirts available for purchase on the internet. Some of these tees are not what they seem. Many of these t-shirts may be unlicensed counterfeit tees. 

Licensed Tees

At Old School Tees, the tees we sell are "officially licensed". These t-shirts are printed by various organizations and agents that have been granted permission to create and sell the merchandise. Licensors include Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Universal Studios, The Beatles, the BBC, the NFL, the NBA, and many more. It is illegal to print and sell shirts without obtaining the rights to the "intellectual property" of images and logos that belong to an artist or business. Paying for the rights to license and print these image means that the artist or organization is compensated for their creations.

Unlicensed Tees

An “unlicensed tee” is one that does not require a licensed. These tees shirt have content that no person or organization has exclusive rights to use. Many of these shirts have humorous themes or one-liners gags. They can be parodies, or make political statements. They can also include works of art or images that are in the public domain. If an artist comes up with a great graphic that is inspired by a band or brand but does not exactly duplicate it, he is able to print without getting permission.

Counterfeit Tees

We do not sell counterfeit tees at Old School Tees. All of our shirts that represent bands, TV shows, movies, or sports teams are licensed merchandise. They are produced with permission from artists and companies that own the rights. Counterfeit merchandise is rampant on the internet. Many sellers of counterfeit merchandise can hide behind the anonymity of large websites such as EBay, Zazzle or Etsy. Of course, not all merchandise sold on these sites is counterfeit, but the job of policing these sites is a difficult task for licensors and merchandisers.

Be Aware!

We believe buyers should be aware of the differences between counterfeit, licensed and unlicensed t-shirts. If you do not want to purchase counterfeit merchandise, please look carefully at the item, including the message, the spelling, and logo used. If the label is visible, you can look at it closely to see if the manufacturer or licensor is marked. Many of our tees have the licensing information printed on the inside of the shirt.


Get the real deal at OldSchoolTees.com, where shirts that require a license have been obtained through the right channels. You are authentic, and your shirts should be too! Check out our great selection, with free shipping on orders over $30.

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Annie Peters said...

OldSchoolTees.com is legit! It's definitely not cool to rip off someone else's brand, but a lot of people do it anyway. I didn't know the licensing information should always been on the label. That's really good to know. We need to support businesses that do things the right way!