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Best T-shirts for the Rocker Chic look

Do you prefer to wear comfy t-shirts, but are not sure how to dress them up for a night out on the town? No worries, you can wear your t-shirt and rock evening chic!

When it comes to dressing up Tees for the evening, there are countless things you can do to look fab rather than drab.

Here are some of the top ways dress up the classic vintage tee…

Switch Up the Footwear

You may look cute in your Converse sneakers by day, but some classier leopard printed high tops or black pumps are better suited for evening wear.

Depending on your activities, you don’t have to go with stilettos to make that skinny jean and t-shirt combo pop. Statement wedges and colorful flats are fab options too!

Denim skinnies and a great graphic Tee, like this Blondie tee will look fantastic with leopard printed high tops!  Can you say, Rocker Chic!

Think Outside the Box

Skinny Jeans are not the only pairing for “night out” tees. Why not try a sparkly skirt or even a dress!

Get creative. Graphics tees make a great pairing over many LBDs. Add some booties and Bam, an attention-grabbing outfit that will show you are your own person!

Can the Beetles handle shimmer? You’ll never know if you don’t give it a go. A grey shimmery skirt paired with an awesome Beetles T-Shirt. You may just surprise yourself and pull off that runway look!

A fashion look from March 2014

Add Classy Statement Pieces

Oh, how a girl does love her accessories! This is where fedoras, bracelets, and clutches shine. Eclectic jewelry like beaded headpieces, stackable bangles, and layered necklaces can pump up your look returning the laid back tee to classy.

A dainty clutch like the classic Chanel with its gold chain is a perfect pairing for the evening rocker with a girly side. Who says band T-Shirts can’t love Chanel!

Jackets are another fun experiment. The versatility of T-Shirts, allows them to look super cute with everything from jean jackets, and leather to more structured blazers.

So, whether you are heading to the theatre or club, you can dress up your t-shirts to be comfy and fabulous! A bit of creativity and variety will go a long way to making your wardrobe Rocker Chic.

Play around, have fun and look amazing in the process!

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Annie Peters said...

Great tips! I am LIVING for rocker chic. I personally love the t-shirt and blazer combo. My friends call it my 'cool teacher' look. Haha. I am going to have to pick up that Blondie tee, by the way. I am seeing it with a high-waist houndstooth pant and a big chunky necklace. Work!