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History of Foo Fighters Wasting Light T-Shirt - Product Spotlight

The term foo fighter was used by World War II pilots to describe various UFOs or mysterious aerial phenomena in the skies over Europe and the Pacific. In 1944, the term was initially used to describe UFO's reported and named by the US Night Fighter Squadron. It then became ommonly used to mean any UFO sighting from that period. These foo fighters reported in 1944 and onwards, were often assumed to be secret weapons employed by the enemy.

The band Foo Fighters were formed in Seattle in 1994 by former Nirvana drummer, Dave Grohl, following the death of Kurt Cobain. The Foo Fighters have had four of their albums win Grammys for Best Rock Album.  Their seventh studio album, Wasting Light, was released in 2011.

Dave Grohl wanted to get to the essence of the band's music and his earlier work. He wanted to avoid the over produced digital sound. Grohl arranged for the band to record in his garage in Encino using only analog equipment. The sessions were "supervised" by producer Butch Vig,  who worked on Nirvana's Nevemind.  (Nirvana's second album that includes some of their best known songs, such as "Smell Like Team Spirit", "Come as You Are" and "Lithium".) 

Since Wasting Light was recorded in Dave Grohl's garage with older analog equipment, it  did not allow for many mistakes to be corrected in post-production. They spent three weeks playing the songs.  The band went for a heavier and rawer sound to contrast with the musical experiments from their previous albums, and most of the lyrics were written as Grohl reflected upon his life and possible future.
Grohl said: "There's poetry in being the band that can sell out Wembly, but also makes a record in a garage. Why go into the most expensive studio with the biggest producer and use the best state-of-the-art equipment? Where's the rock n roll in that?" Grohl added it was a way to "do something really primal sounding", innovate, break people's expectations and "make records the way we used to fucking make records".


The Foo Fighters recorded the album in analog in Dave Grohl's garage. They practiced for three weeks to increase the chance it could be recorded seamlessly on tape. A documentary, Back and Forth, helped promote the album, and while touring the band played in some fans' garages. Their dedication to their craft extends to the album art, and now you can wear it!

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