. Old School Tees Blog: Back-To-School Necessities For Guys!

Back-To-School Necessities For Guys!

Through August 31, 2013 use the code BTS813 to get 15% your order of two or more shirts!

What to Buy For Back-To-School: 

We have a more suggestions to check out on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/OldSchoolTee.   Guy Tees, Retro NFL/NBA shirts by Junk Food, and Movie, TV, Cartoon tees for every fan. But here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

1.  A team shirt

The officially licensed NFL Kick-Off Tees by Junk Food have a vintage look to set them apart from the average NFL shirt.  High-thread count makes them soft and they accent muscle defintion without clinging $28

2.   At least ONE movie tee

 The Big Lebowski ABIDE shirt $18


3. A few shirts for hanging with your boys...

Looney Tunes Taz Party Animal Shirt  $18.00
Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey Shirt $18

4. Tees to show your favorite brands 

Mustang Touch of Class by Junk Food, $25

5. Something to get a conversation going with the ladies

Darth Vader My Deathstar or Yours? Tee Shirt by Junk Food $28

6. And the mandatory ROCK TEE

AC/DC Vintage Pocket Shirt by Junk Food $30

The Who Pinball Wizard Shirt $18

Whatever you are a fan of, we have some back-to-school tees that fit the bill! Check us out on http://OldSchoolTees.com and use the coupon BTS813 to get 15% off  through Aug 31. 


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