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Product Spotlight: Big Bang Theory T-Shirts

Any fan of The Big Bang Theory recognizes Sheldon's variety of geeky t-shirts—from comic book and superhero t-shirts, to Rubik's Cube shirts, to Reddit shirts. If you have the same geeky love for The Big Bang Theory as Sheldon has with DC Comics, t-shirts based on the show are a great way to show off your fanboy pride. Check out some of our favorites below and play our Big Bang Theory Trivia to test your knowledge.

"Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur..."

You can't mention The Big Bang Theory without getting the urge to sing the "Soft Kitty" lullaby. This t-shirt with printed "Soft Kitty" lyrics is made of high-quality, soft cotton so it will be just as comfortable whether you choose to sleep in it or wear it around town. Just go easy on the Vick's Vapor Rub, we wouldn't want you to ruin it!


Burn someone lately? Did you exclaim "Bazinga!" afterwards? Pair your pranks with a t-shirt that bares Sheldon's famous catch phrase and make an extra impression after your quirky jokes. Available in both men's and women's styles, this shirt is great whether you identify with Sheldon or Penny. You can also choose your Bazinga shirt in red, green, blue, purple, or black.

Dr. Cooper's Friendship Algorithm

Only Sheldon could turn making friends into a mathematical process, but you have to give him credit—his algorithm makes sense. Sheldon’s friendship algorithm t-shirt includes Howard's modification so you don't get caught in an infinite loop of recreational activity disagreements. Super soft 100% cotton construction make this a great shirt for giving awkward hugs, or as a gift to your newly made friend.

The Hairlines of Sheldon, Leonard, Howard & Raj

Showing your fandom can be more subtle than a bright red Bazinga shirt. Discerning fans of The Big Bang Theory will appreciate the stylishly artistic print of The Big Bang Theory Hairlines t-shirt, in a simple light blue. If you feel like you're getting a bit of déjá vu, don't worry. This shirt is based on the album artwork from the original Beatles Greatest Hits album, making it perfect for Big Bang Theory geeks who also happen to be music geeks.
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Unknown said...

I like the baby T "The Hairlines of Sheldon, Leonard, Howard & Raj" Great choice in color. It's so typical to see tee shirts in white, the blue really brings out the vintage style.

Brandy Alford said...

I see you have that Marley too, you are reppin to the fullest. I love Bob Marley.

Bule said...

Real cool, I like the soft texture.

Unknown said...

I have to agree with Brandy, the Hairlines t-shirt is my favourite pick. We have a bit of a joke in the office because there are 4 of us and we are all sci-fi geeks, each of us is nicknamed after one of the characters. I have taken on the persona of Leonard, not sure if thats a good thing or not! The next step would be to go in the office dressed as our characters, that would be awesome. Dork is the new fashion!

GenXblogger said...

Bazinga! One of my favorite sitcom catch phrases of all times!
Has anyone seen the youtube video of the cast breaking out into song in the middle of a live taping, they did a mini flash mob of "Call Me Maybe" - it was so funny! And at the end they all go back to their places like nothing happened and Sheldon looks at the audience and says "Bazinga" - look it up, it's amazing! I wish I could have been there.
My husband is "geek" and we love this show so much! Sheldon is one of my favorite characters in any show. He reminds me a bit of my son who has high functioning autism which makes me wonder.... ha!